Children who needs your sponsorship are those who have lost parental care, some have never even had a family.
At SOS Children Villages Vietnam, over 5,900 orphans, abandoned children and children under difficulties have been adopted into substitute families with a MOTHER, BROTHERS AND SISTERS, a HOME and a VILLAGE and growing up naturally like in any other family.
These children need your hep. For each child, your sponsorship means being able to grow within a new family who loves him and accompanied him until he becomes an independent and helpful citizen. Each of them has a story to tell.

"Welcome little angle to Thai Binh SOS Children's Village! Being left in front of the village in a rainy early morning, you now have a new home with loving mom, brothers & sisters, and a village to grow up with love, security and respect!
We will try our best to keep these smiles along your childhood in SOS Children's Villages.
Love you, always!"

"I joined SOS Children's Village in 1993, it's the most important turning point of my life. From a luckless boy, I then got back all my hopes and future. I am now Import/Export Manager in a US company. I got married to a great woman and have a small cute daughter. My family always try our best to let the girl visit her grand-mother as often as possible."

"My mother is a great cook and crafter. I am really lucky to be her child, there are so much I could learn from her. I learnt how to knit garments for winter, keep the house tidy and decor it for Tet holidays, as well as how to talk nicely with everyone and how to behave with love to my brothers and sisters."

"I'm living in Viet Tri SOS Children's Village with mother, brothers and sisters. I love going to school, and I have a lot of friends there. Sometimes, I stayed a little late after school just to have fun and play football with my friends."

“My family sponsor 10 SOS children through Jar of Love campaign that connects so well between givers and takers. It brings peace to my heart when seeing my sponsored children grow up confident, willing to discover and free to develop their abilities to be independent in the future. Many people think charity is giving for others, but for me, charity is giving to myself. I sow the seeds of kindness in my own spiritual land, and I harvest my own happiness.”

MC Phan Anh
MC Phan Anh


What you get?

- Thank you letter, receipt of contribution

- 1-2 reports annually from SOS Children's Villages about the child and village.

- Visit children at the villages twice a year, talk to them and mothers, educators, etc. who are taking care of them everyday to see with your own eyes progress of the "big project" that you are investing in.

- Give and get presents to/from children on your visits and special events such as birthday, New Year.

Don't worry

- SOS record your donations publicly at our website You may request not to reveal your name publicly.

- Audits are made periodically by independent audit company Ernst & Young. Your donations must be used under complete control and for the right purpose.


"I have been sponsoring 10 children in the same family at SOS Children's Village Go Vap for 3 years. Glad that I could see these misfurtune kids are receiving good care, behave well and study hard for an independent life in the future. Sponsoring is a nice way for me and my family to share our luck with SOS children and contribute to society."

Mr. Nguyen Khanh Binh

Viet Nam Shreder company, HCM city

"I am living abroad but my heart always heads towards Vietnam. I sponsor a child named Hang in SOS Children's Villages and hope to visit her someday. Sponsoring an SOS child is to share my luck to these unfortunate children and contribute my tiny effort in providing them a brighter future."

Ms Phuong Tran

Live and work at Northen Europe

"I sponsor a child in SOS Children's Village Danang. Last Mid-autumn festival, I visited him and joined the village in celebrating the full moon. Aside from donation in money, I truly feel close to my sponsored child, see with my own eyes how my contributions become meaningful, and assure how SOS take good care of these children with the support around the world."

Ms Nguyen Thi Tram Anh

Hai Chau District, Da Nang City


40% of your donation will be spent on food, 40% on education, 10% on medical care, and the rest for clothing and other activities.
You will:

- Receive thank-you letter, receipt of donation, 1-2 Reports annually of the village.

- Visit the village 2 times/year. Kindly inform us prior to your visit for arrangement.

- Receive presents from SOS or give your presents to children on special occasions such as birthday, Mid Autumn, New Year...

- Fill in the form either at the top of this website, or the back of the leaflet, or call us directly at Hotline +84.(0)989737733.

- Our staff will contact you and consult you in more details of available sponsorship methods and processes and help you find the most suitable ones.

- Receive an SOS Jar of Love and a small gift.

- Send your jar and the donation inside back to SOS Children's Villages at the end of December 2016 and be invited to a gathering with SOS Go Vap children.

- Become a child's commited giver by periodical bank transfers or online payment gateway.

You may give the child a gift in money on as many occasions as you want (Birthday, Mid Autumn, Christmas, Lunar New Year...) and as much as you wish. The child will have a personal account where all these donations will be preserved. When the child is over 18 years old and in need of financial support, this fund will be transferred to him/her. He/she may use it for important expenses such as university studies, a course of vocational training or opening a business to make a living. Your gifts are always by his/her side and assure them a better opportunity to be more successful on turning points of life.

Much as your gifts in-kind are appreciated, please refrain from or extremely careful in giving gifts in-kind to the child. Your gift could result in unwanted consequences, such as a chaos to family's culture and negative effects on the child's discipline, attitude and development. Kindly consult the child's mother, aunt, education staff, village director or any other direct supervisor before giving it to the child, and be prepared if we may not allow the child to take it. Let's think for our children and protect them from unneccessarily negative inputs from gifts.

We really hope you can sponsor our children as long as you can. However, you may choose to quit whenever you wish. Please contact us to inform and update the cancellation.

Every donation, big or small, are meaningful to us and allow us to reach further to more orphans, abandoned children and children under difficulties in Vietnam.

Still could not find answers to your questions? Contact us
Call: 028 6682 2068
Hotline: 0989737733

SOS Children's Villages Vietnam is a member of SOS Children's Villages - a non-government, non-religion, non-profit organization operating in 134 countries and regions. We adopt, raise and educate orphans, abandoned children and children under difficulties in substitute families following 4 principles: a Mother, Brothers & Sisters, a House and a Village.
Currently, SOS Children's Villages Vietnam has projects and programs in 17 provinces and cities along Vietnam. More than 5,900 children have been growing up in love and safety here, 2,800 of such left SOS families and live independently and over 500 got married.

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